Bentonite Clay

Activated Charcoal

Calendula Flowers

Lavender buds

MUD MASK Activated charcoal and bentonite clay make up 80% of this dry mask. We add in a few healing botanicals and now you have an amazing mask for your face. Take out a teaspoon or two and mix with honey and/or water to form a paste. Use honey for mixture with dry skin. Place the black paste all over your face avoiding the eye area and leave on for 15-30 minutes. (Take a selfie and send it to us and we will post on our facebook page) This mask will draw out all the impurities/ toxins in the skin. The healing botanicals will help heal any damaged areas. We recommend using plastic or wood with the powder and nothing metal. Don’t BEE crazy and use this every day, 1-2 times a week is perfect. Can also Bee used for spot treatment on pimples and blackheads.