Shayna Layne Heinle

These bites were double the size until I applied Dee’s Bees Lemon Balm. Took the burning itch away in moments. Highly recommend all things created by Dee’s Bees!!!!!

Lisa McRae

Love the whole line! Dee puts her magic touch on everything she creates! A must try is the tick oil, make sure you're protected, as well as your pet!💗

Shayna Layne Heinle

I have to brag once in a while about my awesome entrepreneurial friends!! Bought some Dee’s Bees 🐝 balms for a special occasion and look how cute they came all packaged nicely!! Thank you Deanna Morin-Bishop for your amazing products and creativity!! Buy local, support your friends ♥️


I have been using your original facial product from Dee’s Bees as part of the healing process and to help with the scarring tissue on my arm. As you can see in photo 2, and as stated by my surgeon, “Healing has gone extremely well. The white between the remaining pink is healed skin.” When I told him about your product, he said, “Keep doing what you’re doing. Normally I’d have you back in 3 months but I don’t need to see you anymore unless you call me with any concerns.” The scar is completely smooth, no ridges or bumps. It’s so smooth and soft! I am 100% confident that without using Dee’s Bee’s product, I would not have had the same outcome. I cannot express enough how highly I recommend using your product. It’s been a lengthy healing process and I still have a while to go but without using Dee’s Bee’s product, I know I would have had a terribly noticeable scar. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Dawn Bayer

Your products are amazing. The rash cream is healing some serious cracked hands that even prescription salves couldn't heal. 👍

Kathleen Mogk

The lip balms are amazing !

Allie Cooney

LOVE IT! Enough said... mud mask is a must try. It’s relaxing to boot. Thanks Dee

Sarah McCormack

Love it! :)

Kelly Newton

This is a great product line! I love the face cream and essential oils blends! I treated a minor burn with Dee's Bees salve and it provided fast relief and sped up the healing process!


I started using the essential oil Lavender blend to relax at the end of a busy work day. I love the product and the roller ball is great. So easy to use and without the mess you can get from pouring oils. You can use it anytime. I always keep it with me now. Plus it’s 100% natural and I love that it’s made locally. Purchased a Dee’s Bees gift pack for a friend and ended up going back for more. It was a great way to try various products. The lip balm is a must have for cold windy weather. Great products. We were concerned with letting our dogs out to run due to the problem with ticks this year. We tried the Tick B Gone product and were amazed with the results. This is an amazing product and we loved the fact it was all natural. Purchased tick oil for my husband who works in the trades outdoors, often in long grasses and ditches. The product worked great. A definite must have for anyone in your life who spends time outdoors especially for those who landscape for a living. We always make sure we’re all stocked up. Love, love, love Dee’s honey. It’s all natural and it tastes amazing. I’ve started usually it for all my recipes that require any type of sweetener.


I use Dee's Bees! Love everything about her all natural, hand made products. Great stocking ideas!


I love the lip balm. Better than anything I have found. Support local Businesses.. SUPPORT WOMEN....SUPPORT HIVES!!!!


I just got my tick b gone in the mail! Started using it on the dogs yesterday for our walk