Special Blend of Pure Essential Oils

Fractionated Coconut Oil

TICK B GONE OILThis special blend of oils will protect you, your kids, and your dog from those little creepy ticks. Ticks are scent driven and they don’t like our scented oils. We recommend you place drops on your ankles, wrists, and behind the ears or on collar area prior to going outside, on the trails or in the woods. On your dog place a few drops between the shoulders, on the base of the tail and around paws. Reapply as needed hourly and after swimming or sweating. Even if your dog is protected with vet medicine you should use this to prevent the ticks from jumping on your dogs and them carrying the ticks into the house, etc. Do not use with cats as essential oils can be toxic for cats. Pregnant women should consult a doctor before using these essential oils. Only for external use. If skin sensitivity occurs, discontinue use SHAKE WELL BEFORE EACH APPLICATION